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Our passionate Insight Wisconsin family is the reason behind our success. Our members, clients, mentors, and sponsors all believe in our mission and strive to create the "Next Big Thing."

Join our family and embrace the energy of Insight Wisconsin.

Click on one of our four options below to find out more about how you can get involved!






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BECOMe A member

  • Experience working on real-world projects with clients and mentors

  • Access to funding to make your own idea a reality

  • Access to prototyping resources such as 3D printers, arduinos, etc...

  • Personalized mentoring at meetings by experts in various fields

  • Opportunity to be part of an innovative community

  • Platform to showcase your work to industry, peers, and the university

  • Time Commitment: High (Weekly meetings, project expectations, and presentations)

Step 1:

Come to the kick-off meeting (details on home page). Contact us if you have questions before that!

Step 2: 

If you would like to pitch your own idea, write it down and come prepared! Keep an open mind throughout the kick-off and ask questions!

Step 3:

Fill out the project selection form after the kick-off!

Step 4:

Pay dues ($20/ semester, $35/year), come to the meetings, HAVE FUN with your team and project, and present at the final presentation!

*Intellectual property agreements will be discussed on a case-by-case basis with the board and the team before starting a project.

*Working on projects is always fun! But make sure to keep it professional, stay respectful, keep up with deadlines, and contribute the time it requires to complete your projects. As Insight Wisconsin members, we keep the promises we make to clients.


  • New, innovative approaches to tackle your idea or problem

  • Enable students to develop skills through interacting with your profession or research

  • Access to the most passionate and talented students at UW-Madison

  • Personal professional development opportunity

  • Front row seats to the "Next Big Thing"

  • Time Commitment: Medium (6-7 hours per semester to meet with your team)

*Intellectual property agreements will be discussed on a case-by-case basis with the board and the team before starting a project.

*We are a non-profit university student organization and therefore cannot work on "consulting projects" for pay; the projects are meant to give our members hands-on experience, while providing you with new, innovative approaches. While we do not promise a working prototype or a marketable product from your team, we have yet to see a client not gain helpful, new insights towards a problem or receive a scale-able proof of concept!
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Step 1:

Contact us below to propose your idea. Specify preference for a phone call or in-person meeting.

Step 2: 

​If your project is selected by members at the kick-off, we will connect you with the team to explain further details, answer questions, set up a plan for the semester, etc...

Step 3:

Meet with your team throughout the semester as needed, answer questions over email, and ENJOY your time with those bright minds!

Step 4:

Save the date and come to the final presentation  to support your team!

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BECOMe A mentor

  • Opportunity to work directly with ALL of our projects

  • Contribute to your community by helping undergraduates learn critical skills

  • Access to the most passionate and bright students at UW-Madison

  • Flexible time commitment:

    • Low: 1-2 hours once per semester (one meeting mentoring) 

    • Medium: 6-7 hours per semester (One team mentoring)

  • Personal professional development opportunity

  • Front row seats to the "Next Big Things"

Step 1:

Contact us and tell us a little about your self, your skill sets, etc... Specify preference for phone call or in-person meeting.

Step 2: 

Decide between serving as a general mentor at one/ few meetings vs. choosing one team to mentor throughout the semester.

Step 3:

Be open to answering a few emails with questions or meeting with your team as needed.

Step 4:

Come to the final presentation to support the teams!

BECOMe A sponsor

  • Opportunity to fund innovation and forward thinking

  • Tax exemption on donation

  • Shout out on marketing materials

  • VIP access to the most passionate and bright students at UW-Madison

  • Thankful students who are provided the opportunity to pursue their ideas

As a student organization at a non-profit university, we are completely dependent on sponsors to help our members succeed. Any donation for prototyping or resource costs, organizing meetings, reserving event spaces for the big showcase, etc... will be much appreciated. If your organization makes materials or resources that our members could benefit from and you are willing to either sponsor some or give us a discount please let us know!

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