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Insight Wisconsin is the premier organization for Student Inventors on the University of Wisconsin, Madison campus.​ We provide members with the opportunity to work on real-world product designs as part of interdisciplinary teams with representation from almost every department on campus. With the help of mentors, resources, funding, and a structured program for meetings, teams take either client-projects or original ideas from problems to solutions. Our projects range from product designs and research tools, to business analytics and entrepreneurial efforts.

Spring '24 executive board
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Team Selection

There are three sub-teams for each project. A mechanical, electrical, and software department. This structure allows for specific projects be completed more efficiently.

Mechanical: Those that love to design, build, and test what has never been built.

Software: Those that love to manipulate code and create innovative programs. 

Electrical: Those that love to design, develop, and test electrical equipment.

interdisciplinary communication

In the real world, engineers work with software developers. Software developers work with graphic designers. Graphic designers work with marketing specialists. In the real world, people work with people that are different from them with different skill sets. By simulating this interdisciplinary work environment, members…

​-Problem solve with people that think differently.

-Learn to see situations from other’s points of view.

-Understand and utilize the unique skills that team members offer

resources and mentor engagement

In any project, resource acquisition provides a frustrating bottleneck in the design process, along with scarce access to experts in the project field. Insight Wisconsin’s board aims to alleviate both of these through a resource allocation process and guided mentor interactions.

-Individual team design review.

-Campus-wide presentation.

-One week resource request filling process

-Centralized member resources and forum on website

The Founders
It all started when...

The Intro to Engineering Design class at the University of Wisconsin, Madison was phased out, and the founders realized the importance of design projects in sparking their interest in Engineering. They wanted to continue working on design projects, and provide that opportunity to students from all disciplines in the university.


In January 2016, the founders registered a student organization and started building the Student Inventors Club. After securing 8 client projects, receiving grants/ sponsors, and creating a structure to implement the design process in the club's first semester, the founders opened the organization to members in Fall 2016.

Surprising the founders, over 80 people attended the kick-off, 40 of whom joined 8 different project teams. Insight Wisconsin finished its first semester strong with 5 project teams presenting at the final presentation and 4 continuing their project to the next semester. 

Insight Wisconsin is on its way to becoming the premier organization for Student Inventors and a HUB for student innovation on the UW-Madison campus.

Jacob Beran, Gopika SenthilKumar, Ethan Young, Mitch Sella, Thomas Costello, Roberto O'Dogherty

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Insight Wisconsin's members, clients, mentors and sponsors are integral to our success. Find out how you can get involved and join the family!

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