on-going projects

1) crutch scooter

The team is designing crutches that can also turn into a scooter.

2) plant clock

The team is designing a clock that can house and image plants for research and commercial purposes.

3) crowd-sourced study guide

The team is building a platform where groups of students can combine class notes to generate a "most-important topics" study guide.

4) 3-D clinostat

The team is designing a machine than can simulate micro-gravity to study its effects on plant growth. 

5) atmospheric drones

The team is incorporating sensors and micro-controller components in drones to study atmospheric conditions.

6) vibrating pipes

The team is designing a system of pipes that do not freeze at winter conditions.

7) safe-walk app

The team is creating an app to connect students with volunteer walking companions to keep the campus safe at night.

8) sports analytics

The team is compiling sports data and running regressions to analyze and predict performance of teams. The group is also building a registered sports analytics student organization.

9) kinesiology reports

The team is building a software that complies patient movement data into easy to read reports.

10) water quality monitor

The team is designing a consumer friendly water quality monitor to aid with disaster relief efforts