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Molecular lib

on-going project 2022-2023

Wearable Lifting-ASSISTIVE Device 
Design REVIEW 12/13

The team is developing a device that assists persons with limited upper-body muscle capacity


  • forearm/bicep cuffs

  • aluminum bar linkage

Anticipated Features

  • thread-assisted motor for adding/releasing tension

  • bump switch/limit switch/remote for control



  • attachment point and security

  • material : Elastic 50A Resin

    • allows for flexibility

  • slits to hold linkage bar(s)

  • holes for threading string

  • Velcro™ to fasten to wrist/bicep


  • Use Zephyr Linux

    • Lightweight fast RTOS, provides standard hardware interfacing libraries

  • Uses C to create firmware

    • Complied and flashed to the RPi Pico

  • Uses RPi Pico as a “Picoprobe” device to debug code, and as a flashing device


  • RPi Pico Microcontroller

    • Small and lightweight. Still powerful enough to act as motor controller

  • L293D used as motor driver IC

    • Allows for variable voltage to be supplied and simple dual H-bridge solution

  • Battery powered

  • Bipolar Stepper Motor

    • Allows for holding torque to be applied, precision movement


End of Next Semester

  • Functional Prototype

  • Find cheapest, most functional materials

  • Find most practical control system

Future Semesters

  • Continue making additions

  • Limit friction in pulley system

  • Make it more durable/to last

  • Test on real patients/get feedback to refine design

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