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Solar Lamps successfully implemented in Kenya!

The Solar Lamps team (David Seamon, James Ewald, Leon Tan, Mary Claire Mancl, Max Roth, Megan Sweet) did a phenomenal job designing the lamps for under $5 and making the necessary changes before winter break. Their client, Lesley Sager, could then take the lamp design with her to Kenya! The team also created a step-by-step workshop that they taught to Lesley and her non-profit team (MerryGoStong), so that they could teach the community in Kenya how to make their own lamps.

The client and the community of Kenya expressed their gratitude for the team; moreover, the community women can now work past day-light to make baskets (their extra source of income that funds education), and the children can study or do homework without having to take away from helping the family business during the day. Insight Wisconsin is truly honored to have the opportunity to help the community, while doing what its best at: designing solutions.



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